By Natalia Nordstrom

Can Mouth Tape Improve Your Sex Life?

In the spirit of Valentine's week, we want to share some of the sexier benefits of mouth taping that you may not have expected.

Recent studies are telling us how mouth taping can offer you more pleasure and prowess in the bedroom - and it all has to do with your breathing.

According to Mantak Chia, author of The Multiorgasmic Man, “Learning to control ejaculation and be able to have more than one orgasm starts with strengthening and deepening your breathing… Breathing is the key to maintaining control over the body.”

How we breathe impacts nearly every system in the body, especially our stress levels. Higher states of stress can lead to erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and a reduced libido.

Mouth breathing increases sympathetic activity and the fight-or-flight response, while nasal breathing and extended exhalation increase parasympathetic activity—braking effect—which leads to recovery and lowered stress.

Tantric sex and other techniques place great importance on breathing in a relaxed and rhythmical manner to increase sexual prowess and pleasure.

Breathing better (through the nose) = stronger erections and longer-lasting orgasms.


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