A little about us.

Best friends |  Biohackers | Ex-Mouth Breathers

We used to breathe through our mouths. But friends don't let friends get subpar sleep.

I'm Natalia, a mom to three and avid biohacker of my family's routine. My BFF and co-founder, Lauren, is a yoga teacher, Ironman athlete and breathwork coach. Her drive to help others optimize their physical and emotional well-being paired with my personal health obsession was the catalyst for oi tape. 

I discovered mouth taping in 2018 out of a necessity to curb nightly teeth grinding. Within weeks of shutting my mouth, my grinding came to a halt as did my night terrors. But the tape contained harsh chemicals that wreaked havoc on my skin. Lauren also had sleep issues — namely dry mouth, sleep anxiety and congestion. Taping immediately opened her airways and dramatically improved her REM cycle. Gone were the days of sleep meds and gummies. There was just one problem — the tape, which constantly fell off and left behind a sticky residue. Ew. 

While we both got immense benefits from mouth taping, neither of us could find our 'soul' tape. So, we made it — one that's 100% hypoallergenic, medical-grade, stays on all night and won't cause pain upon removal. Our mission at oi tape is to encourage and educate while promoting the deepest, highest quality sleep for all through mouth taping. It's time to break up with mouth breathing.

Welcome to the dream team,

Natalia & Lauren

A word from one of our founders.